Flashes and Floater: When to Worry

Flashes and Floaters: When to Worry and See an Ophthalmologist 

Decoding Visual Disturbances for Optimal Eye Care 

Experiencing flashes of light or floaters in your vision can be concerning, warranting professional attention. At Peachtree Ophthalmology, we specialize in understanding and addressing these visual disturbances. Here’s when you should consult an eye doctor: 

Sudden Onset or Increase: If you suddenly experience flashes of light or notice an increase in floaters, it may indicate a posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) or other retinal issues requiring prompt evaluation. 

Persistent Presence: Flashes and floaters that persist over time, especially when accompanied by other symptoms like blurred vision, could be indicative of retinal tears or detachments, necessitating urgent ophthalmologic care. 

Associated Vision Changes: Any visual disturbances, such as a shadow or curtain-like effect, along with flashes and floaters, may be a sign of a retinal tear or detachment and should be assessed promptly. 

History of Eye Trauma: If you have a history of eye trauma and experience flashes or floaters, it’s crucial to consult with Dr. Washington to rule out potential complications. 

Sudden Increase in Floaters: A sudden increase in the number or size of floaters could indicate a vitreous hemorrhage or other retinal issues requiring professional attention. 

Don’t dismiss visual disturbances; schedule an appointment at Peachtree Ophthalmology for a comprehensive examination and personalized care to address flashes and floaters effectively. 

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