Understanding Glaucoma

“Understanding Glaucoma: Top Information for Ocular Health”

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Glaucoma, often referred to as the ‘silent thief of sight,’ is a group of eye conditions that can gradually lead to irreversible vision loss. Peachtree Ophthalmology, located at Norcross and Peachtree Corners,  provides information in the article “Understanding Glaucoma: Top Information for Ocular Health,” offering insights into the causes, risk factors, and management of this sight-threatening condition.

Key Insights into Glaucoma:

  1. Silent Progression: Glaucoma often progresses without noticeable symptoms in its early stages. Regular eye exams are crucial for early detection and intervention.
  2. Increased Intraocular Pressure: Elevated intraocular pressure is a common factor in glaucoma. It can damage the optic nerve, leading to vision loss.
  3. Types of Glaucoma: Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma (POAG) is the most common form, but other types include Angle-Closure Glaucoma, Normal-Tension Glaucoma, and Secondary Glaucomas.

Risk Factors:

  1. Age and Family History: Individuals over 60 and those with a family history of glaucoma are at a higher risk.
  2. Ethnicity: African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians are more prone to certain types of glaucoma.
  3. Medical Conditions: Conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases can increase the risk.

Diagnosis and Management:

  1. Comprehensive Eye Exam: Diagnosing glaucoma involves a thorough eye exam, including measuring intraocular pressure, assessing the optic nerve, and visual field testing.
  2. Treatment Options: Management includes medications, laser therapy, and surgical interventions, depending on the type and severity of glaucoma.
  3. Lifestyle Modifications: Dr. Washington may recommend lifestyle changes, such as regular exercise, to help manage intraocular pressure and support overall eye health.

Preventive Measures:

  1. Regular Eye Exams: Routine eye exams are essential for early glaucoma detection, allowing for timely intervention.
  2. Awareness of Symptoms: While glaucoma is often asymptomatic in the early stages, individuals should be aware of symptoms like peripheral vision loss and seek prompt attention.

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Glaucoma can be a distressing and it warrants careful evaluation to identify its root causes and ensure timely intervention. At Peachtree Ophthalmology, serving the Norcross and Peachtree Corners areas, our experienced team is dedicated to diagnosing and addressing the underlying causes of Glaucoma. Call us today for an eye appointment.

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