Why Do I Have Red Eyes?

Understanding Red Eyes: Common Causes and When to Seek Eye Care


Unveiling the Reasons Behind Red Eyes 

Peachtree Ophthalmology sheds light on the common causes of red eyes, providing valuable insights into when to seek professional eye care. Discover the factors that may contribute to red eyes and the importance of timely intervention. 

  1. Dry Eye Syndrome:
    • Cause: Insufficient tear production or poor tear quality can lead to dry eyes, causing redness, irritation, and discomfort. 
    • When to Seek Care: If persistent redness accompanies dryness, burning, or a gritty sensation, it’s crucial to consult an eye care professional for evaluation and management. 
  1. Allergies:
    • Cause: Allergic reactions to pollen, dust, pet dander, or other irritants can result in red and itchy eyes. 
    • When to Seek Care: If allergy symptoms persist or worsen, seeking eye care can help identify triggers and recommend effective treatments. 
  1. Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye):
    • Cause: Inflammation of the conjunctiva, often due to viral or bacterial infections, can lead to pink or red eyes. 
    • When to Seek Care: If redness is accompanied by discharge, swelling, or vision changes, prompt evaluation by an eye care professional is essential. 
  1. Environmental Factors:
    • Cause: Exposure to smoke, pollutants, or windy conditions can irritate the eyes, causing redness. 
    • When to Seek Care: If red eyes persist despite minimizing exposure to irritants, seeking professional advice is recommended. 
  1. Subconjunctival Hemorrhage:
    • Cause: Bursting of blood vessels on the eye’s surface can result in a bright red patch on the white part of the eye. 
    • When to Seek Care: While often harmless, sudden onset or recurrent subconjunctival hemorrhages may warrant an eye examination. 
  1. Contact Lens Issues:
    • Cause: Improper contact lens wear, hygiene, or allergic reactions can lead to red eyes. 
    • When to Seek Care: Persistent redness, discomfort, or changes in vision while wearing contact lenses require professional attention. 
  1. Corneal Abrasions or Injuries:
    • Cause: Scratches or injuries to the cornea can cause redness, pain, and sensitivity to light. 
    • When to Seek Care: Immediate consultation is essential for corneal injuries, as prompt treatment can prevent complications. 
  1. Systemic Conditions:
    • Cause: Underlying health issues like hypertension or autoimmune disorders may manifest with red eyes. 
    • When to Seek Care: If red eyes are accompanied by systemic symptoms or occur in the context of a chronic health condition, a comprehensive eye examination is recommended. 
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Recognizing the causes of red eyes is the first step toward optimal eye health. Schedule an appointment at Peachtree Ophthalmology, located at Norcross near Peachtree Corners, for a thorough evaluation and personalized care. 

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