Cornea Abrasion

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Cornea Abrasion Services in Norcross

A corneal abrasion is a common eye injury that involves damage to the cornea, the clear, dome-shaped surface that covers the front of the eye. At Peachtree Ophthalmology in Norcross, Georgia, our experienced team specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of corneal abrasions to ensure optimal eye health for our patients.



A corneal abrasion occurs when the cornea is scratched or scraped, leading to a painful injury. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including foreign objects entering the eye, contact lens use, or trauma to the eye.


  • Foreign Objects: Dust, sand, or other particles can scratch the cornea if they enter the eye.
  • Contact Lens Use: Improper handling or wearing of contact lenses can cause corneal abrasions.
  • Trauma: Accidental injury or rubbing of the eye can result in corneal abrasions.
  • Dry Eyes: Insufficient tear production can lead to corneal dryness and increased susceptibility to abrasions.


  • Eye Pain: Patients often experience a sharp, stinging pain in the affected eye.
  • Redness: The eye may appear red or bloodshot.
  • Sensitivity to Light: Bright lights may cause discomfort or worsen symptoms.
  • Watery Eyes: Excessive tearing is a common response to corneal abrasions.
  • Blurred Vision: Vision may be temporarily impaired due to the injury.


Diagnosing a corneal abrasion typically involves

  • Comprehensive eye examination by our ophthalmologist. 
  • Slit-Lamp Examination: To examine the cornea and surrounding structures.
  • Fluorescein Staining: A dye may be applied to the eye to highlight any corneal defects.


Treatment for a corneal abrasion aims to relieve pain, prevent infection, and promote healing. Depending on the severity of the injury, treatment options may include:

  • Eye Drops or Ointments: To lubricate the eye and promote healing.
  • Antibiotics: To prevent or treat any bacterial infections.
  • Pain Management: Over-the-counter pain relievers may be recommended to alleviate discomfort.
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Encouragement to Visit Our Practice: If you suspect you have a corneal abrasion or are experiencing symptoms of eye injury, don’t hesitate to contact Peachtree Ophthalmology in Norcross. Our dedicated team is here to provide expert diagnosis and treatment to ensure the health and wellbeing of your eyes. Schedule an appointment today to receive the care you deserve.

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